After earning a fine arts degree, getting hitched, and having a couple of kids, J discovered this passion to help all children discover their individuality and embrace it. With her mad rhyming skills, this was only going to go down in one of two ways: she could create some amazing children books or… break into the competitive world of dirty-diaper-mom-rap. Since the latter does not actually exist, she went with the book thing. However, if that falls through, she’s working on her rap name (Big Mama J?) as something to fall back on.

Random J Facts (for the curious of minds)

Two cups of each, please!

DOGS! (However, if you’re a cat lover, I respect your ability to love this inferior animal.)

Mountains… because sand gets everywhere… EVERYWHERE!

Early bird, ya crazies who stay up all night!

Chocolate chip… because… chocolate.

Oh jeez, yes. Both. I like to sit half in and half out. (I don’t actually do this. That would be weird. Living in the PNW though, if it’s sunny, outside, obviously, but I love a good rainy day, snuggled up with a book.)

NO SOCKS! My toes don’t like to be so contained!

Ummm… pumpkins… hot chocolate… leaves… FALL. Always fall. This question is just ridiculous.

Baking! If it was at all okay for me to serve cake for dinner every day, I would. (I don’t, as that would be unhealthy, just FYI.)